Uber and Xero

Uber and Xero have partnered with each other to make keeping track of bills easy.

The new service will automate the flow of Uber invoices into Xero, saving time in reconciling payments and eliminating the need for data entry.

To utilise the service, business owners need to use Uber for Business, available from the Xero app marketplace. This dashboard provides business owners with the ability to track and manage Uber trips by employees.

The best part is that by centralising the billing for the business, there’s no need for employees to make individual claims for their travel expenses.

Uber for Business

The new app from Uber has some great features.

You can set up employee access and monitor trip activity from the app.

You have the option of paying for the trip directly or employees can request reimbursement.

You’ll also have the option to customise your own travel policy, limiting when and where employees can use the app.

How Will Billing Work?

First, download Uber for Business from the Xero app marketplace. Xero will then connect your Uber account details and validate your email.

Every month you will receive a PDF invoice from Uber. It will details all the trips made that month from all the employees on your account.

A draft bill will automatically appear in Xero for you to review, approve and pay.

Once the payment comes into Xero from your bank feed, the transaction will be matched to your bill and reconciled.

Easy, peasy.

The service is due to launch soon, so stay tuned.

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