Tax Advice

Did you know that you’ve probably been paying more than your fair share to the tax man from the day you started your business?

Effective tax planning can help you shave thousands off of your annual tax bill. We know tax law like nobody else and we’ll work hard to make sure your business is structured just right to ensure that you’re not paying one penny more than you have to. We’ll take the worry out of tax compliance, ensure that your personal risk is at a minimum, and can even protect you when subjected to an audit.
Talk to us first. Whether it’s a big purchase that may have a tax implication, or you think you’re ready to take the next step to grow your business, we’re just a free phone call away!
  • GST
  • Business structures – the tax advantages of companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, Look Through Companies (LTCs) and trusts.
  • Dividends
  • Fringe Benefit Tax – FBT advice on vehicles and other non-cash benefits.
  • International Tax for Companies – double taxation, overseas branches, thin capitalisation, and transfer pricing.
  • International Tax for Individuals – foreign-sourced income, investments, and superannuation.
  • IRD Investigations – commonly called an audit, we can help you though an IRD investigation. If you have received notification or a risk review or audit, you should contact us. You can read more about this area on our blog here.
  • Property Investment – commercial and residential rentals
  • Tax Residency – when do you need to pay tax on your worldwide income in New Zealand?
“There is no art which one government sooner
learns of another than that of draining money
from the pockets of the people”.
– Adam Smith.
The Wealth of Nations. 1776.

Tax on Fees Paid to Board Members

Inland Revenue (IR) has recently released information setting out the tax rules which apply on fees paid to board members. The way taxation applies to any fees paid to members will depend on the personal circumstances of the individual member and the terms of their contract/appointment. Employees Many SME companies…

Purchase Price Allocation Rules

When you purchase a business, thought needs to be given to how you will value assets like stock, property and financial arrangements. Inland Revenue has brought in Purchase Price Allocation Rules to standardise the process. The rules apply from 1 July 2021 and will ensure that both the purchaser and…

New Resident Withholding Tax Rate for Higher Income Earners

Inland Revenue have announced that a new resident withholding tax rate for high income earners is now available. If you are New Zealand resident, income that you earn from interest and dividends has tax deducted “at source”. This means that it should be tax free when it is paid to…

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