Pay My Bill

Generate Accounting provides quality accountancy services, making sure that your fee expectations are set and met, so there are no unpleasant surprises at the month end. If cash flow is tight, we’ve teamed up with FeeFunders to offer flexible payment solutions.

What is FeeFunders?

FeeFunders gives you the ability to pay your bill over a 3, 6, or 9 month period, while allowing us to be paid upfront. That’s a win/win if ever we saw one.

How does it work?

FeeFunders has built an online payment portal that allows you to choose flexible payment options through our website. The portal can be found by clicking on the ‘Pay My Bill’ button on this page.

What are my payment options?

You can choose from the following payment options:
Full Fee – Direct Debit
Full Fee – Credit Card
3,6 or 9 Monthly Repayments – Direct Debit

Simply select the appropriate option once you’ve entered the invoice number and payment amount at Pay My Bill – Step 1.

Do I pay interest?

Yes – FeeFunders charges a flat 1.85% per month interest rate, plus a one off administrative charge of $50.

What if I want to repay early?

If you repay early, FeeFunders will only charge you interest up to the end of the period in which you make full repayment i.e. if you repay after 5 payments, you’ll only get charged the interest up to the end of the 5th payment period. There is no rebate on the admin fee.

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