How we can help you


Just ask one of the many clients that our team of accounting and tax experts help to make good business decisions every year.


You want someone who has your back; someone who will make sure that your invoices are sent on time and you pay your suppliers before they hassle you.

Business Growth

How do you make the leap from making one product to making ten without risking everything?


Running a business is not for the faint hearted. You’ve got to meet deadlines, cover payroll, bring in new customers and deal with suppliers.

Tax advice

Effective tax planning can help you shave thousands off of your annual tax bill.


Every firm needs a smart plan for tomorrow, whether it’s how to get out because you want or need to, or to decide who is going to run things if you’re not there.


Volunteers are magic people. They are always so passionate about their cause and do so many thankless tasks.

Cloud software

Don’t be. We’ll help you find the right cloud solution for your business, and in the process we’ll save tens of thousands of dollars which you can use to grow your business.


Almost every small business that falls over in New Zealand does so not because of bad management, but because they ran out of cash.


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