Logbooks can seem to be a bit of a chore, and a wee bit ‘old school’ given that most applications in business have long since gone digital. We can now keep all our financial records electronically, so why not logbooks for vehicles?

Well, there is now an answer. LogbookMe is a cloud based GPS app which is simple and easy to use. An on-board recording device captures all business related mileage. Paper logbooks and spreadsheets become a thing of the past.

Because the app is cloud-based, you can access information on your fleet usage from the office while the team is on the road. A GPS device is installed in the vehicle to send live data to the app. Compared with other apps on the market, the stand out feature for LogbookMe is that you don’t have to remember to start or finish recording trips. All data is automatically collected. It is also IRD approved, which is important for compliance.

The app is just as useful for smaller operators. The app captures the start and end points of a journey seamlessly. At the end of the period, you can download a comprehensive report to calculate your business related mileage. It also gives you live odometer readings from each vehicle.

The product is compatible with all production vehicles manufactured since 1996 and can be installed easily. There is no need to have a technician fit the device.

The app will also assist in complying with health and safety legislation, giving you information on speeding, hard cornering and driving times. This will help in educating staff and reducing the chance of accidents.

There are no up-front or incremental costs. There is just a monthly fee to pay. Have a look at the video below to learn more.

If you want to read more about the IRD ruling on LogbookMe, click here.