If you get a text message from the IRD out of the blue, don’t be alarmed.

The IRD have begun sending text messages to some taxpayers to remind them of important tax payments coming up.

From the start of 2016 the IRD will also write to their “customers” to remind them of forthcoming tax payments, particularly terminal tax which for those of you with an extension of time falls on 7 April.

Generate Accounting already operates a tax reminder service by good old fashioned mail and will continue to do so. We do this so that the reminder doesn’t get lost in an email inbox.

If you can’t meet your payment on 7 April, the IRD has an article on their website which covers penalties and interest which you can access here.

If you are struggling to pay your tax on time, don’t despair. Just pick up the phone and talk to us. We can help you with tax finance and pooling which will significantly reduce penalties and interest. Alternatively the IRD will enter into an installment arrangement with you in certain situations.

We have previously blogged on tax pooling and you can read that article here.