If you are not already on a monthly plan with us or have a one off bill, QuickFee could be just the solution.

Using QuickFee is a really easy system that allows you to pay your bill – either by credit card or to using fee funding.

How does it work?

QuickFee has built an online payment portal that allows you to pay the way you want through our website. The portal can be found on our website by clicking on the “Pay my bill’’ button.

The online payment portal offers you the following payment options:

  1. Payment in full – Direct Debit/EFT
  2. Payment in full – Credit Card
  3. 12 Monthly Repayments – Direct Debit
  4. 12 Monthly Repayments – Credit Card

Fee Funding with QuickFee

If cash is a wee bit tight or you’d rather pay your fees off over a number of months, you can chose to use QuickFee to fee fund the cost. Fee funding means that we are paid up front and you can pay off your invoice over a number of months with interest. You can avoid a one-off lump sum payment and spread the cash flow impact of your accounting bills by paying monthly throughout the year. You can then have better control of your cash flow by spreading the cost of advice using monthly payments.

By switching to QuickFee we’ve made fee funding easier than ever. You simply enter your business details into the portal along with your bank account details, review the monthly costs and terms and once you agree, your application is lodged. The portal has all the information you need. There is no paper work to fill out or forms to return to us. Everything can be done electronically. Remember too that the interest is deductible.

How QuickFee fee funding helps:

  1. Keep working capital in your business for other purposes
  2. Smooth your cashflow
  3. Access an additional line of credit without engaging the bank or any formal application process
  4. The credit charges are fully tax-deductible
  5. No additional security is required
  6. If you would like to pay out your loan with QuickFee early, all remaining interest is rebated and you only pay the principal

Credit Card Payment

If you want to pay by credit card, the QuickFee payment portal gives you a quick and easy way of paying your fees. Simply enter your invoice number, the amount and credit card details into the QuickFee portal and your payment is processed on the spot in full.

Alternatively you can chose to pay by credit card in 12 installments if that is easier on your cashflow.

Either way, if you want to pay us by credit card, we will on-charge the commission fee of 1.5% for credit card payments directly to you. Rest assured that we are only passing on the cost of the credit card service to us.

The new QuickFee payment portal is available now on our website. Simply click on the Pay My Bill button our our home page by clicking here.

Please feel free to contact us at the office on (09) 358 5656 if you have any queries on the new payment portal or QuickFee.