National Surveillance Services

Case Study 2

National Surveillance Services

You would think that a man like Ray Brownlee, with thirty years of senior policing and investigative work, culminating in the formation of the country’s largest surveillance firm, would get a bit of respect from the people he deals with.

So did he, until he hired his last accountant.

“My previous accountancy firm was a large outfit in Christchurch who owned their own CBD building and charged accordingly. The directors were aloof and condescending in their attitude. Their staff gave me the feeling they were rushing me through the meetings I had with them.

“They did not voluntarily give me any direction or fresh ideas that would help my business. As the old saying goes, I just felt like a number – excuse the pun.”

Two years ago, a friend recommended Angus and Ray hasn’t looked back.

“Although it is early days for Natsurv I can only see positive results coming out of our association with Angus and feel he has much more to offer us, in the way of advice, information, working smarter, and contacts within the business world.”

Angus has not only completed the firm’s accounts, but went on to give the partners free marketing advice, a sales presentation, and has helped Ray determine the best way forward for his business, particularly in relation to marketing to prospective clients.

Ray is pleased with how quickly Angus has embraced his unusual business and made it better.

“I would recommend Angus and Generate due to their easy approach, willingness to listen and enthusiasm for our business.

“Angus and the staff have been like a breath of fresh air to deal with, which gives me an added incentive to pay their bill on time.

“In short, Angus is as different to my last accountant as chalk and cheese.”