Max Cleaning

Case Study 1

Max Cleaning

When Dale Oxenham became a partner in a successful cleaning business two years ago she hit the ground running and quickly doubled the size of the business.

During the second year she noticed her partners had lost some of their original enthusiasm, and offered to buy them out so they could go and pursue other interests.

The partners accepted her offer, but then made it difficult for her to even assess the business for takeover, let alone conclude the transaction to buy them out.

She realised she needed help. Angus came highly recommended, so she asked him to take over the daunting task of effecting the transition from the old business to the new, despite the difficulties the partners presented.

“He was the perfect person for me at that time, right when I needed it,” she said. “It was an awful situation. He gave of his nights and weekends. Any time of the day or night. And he never charged for it.

“One of the partners was just be terrible. Angus took abuse, dealt with refusals to disclose information, handled the lawyers. Everything. And he still managed to have a laugh about things. I couldn’t have done it without him.

“To me, Angus was like this angel holding my hand and guiding me through it all!”

Angus has since helped assess further businesses for purchase, dealt with Max’s compliance documentation and created their employment contracts – Max has a mixture of sub-contractors and employees working physical jobs in a public environment, so it’s important that their contracts are just right.

Dale turns to Angus before any business decision now. “You can be damned sure I’ll be phoning Angus to talk it through as I find his knowledge priceless!”

“I consider him part of the family with the honesty and integrity that he’s shown me.”